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Recruiting and Placement Services

Finding the right fit for various job aspirants is not an easy affair. Our pool of experienced & acclaimed professionals' uses their extensive database to make inroads in various companies for the aspirants. With our prompt services, we assure individuals of achieving their dream jobs within the stipulated time frame.

Human Resources Consultancy Services

Human Resource Consulting is our area of expertise. We provide efficient consultancy services to retain employees/ jobs, personality grooming & in various other fields that include various industries.

Executive Search and Recruitment Services

We provide excellent services for both the applicants & recruiters by finding good jobs & best staff respectively. Position, Evaluation and Definition. We evaluate the company for their actual needs of talent / manpower & positions / job scopes it generates to supplement that need. Once the actual requirement is Isolated, we can chalk out right strategies targeting to attract right candidates

Validation of Candidates and Consultants

As it is a difficult task for both giant corporations & small enterprises to go through all the applications they receive from hundreds of candidate & select the right person, we provide effective services for short listing of candidates, as well as, validation of their qualifications, attributes etc., to help employer in making the right choice.

Helping Clients Discover & Reward Talent

We provide consultancy to the clients on the policies of how to retain talent in their respective organizations. This is a comprehensive task encompassing various factors like: analysis of employee activities, performance appraisals, announcement of incentives/ perks & regular emoluments.

HR Resource Process Consultancy Services

With our regular research & analysis of the market & company environment, we help HR to make quick & affirmative decisions about employee management in the firms.

Soft Skills Training and Development

We provide trainings to the employees/ individuals to enhance their behavioral competence in tune with global markets. Our regular training sessions help employees to grow their interpersonal skills to deal with work pressure & peers.

Comprehensive Data Base

We have an extensive data base of various companies & their needs that enable us to offer the candidate appropriate jobs. Moreover, our bank of applicants that keep a record of fresh graduates, career pursuers, etc., allow us to offer right candidates to the employers.

Job Categories

  • Supervisor(Electrical/Mech/Civil)
  • Welders (Gas/Electric)
  • Foremen (Electrical/Mechanical)
  • Plant Operators
  • Riggers/Drillers
  • Earth Moving Operators
  • Construction Equipment Operators
  • Electricians (L.T. & H.T.)
  • Carpenters/Cabinet Markers
  • Scaffolders
  • General Worker (Low-Levy)
  • Bar Benders
  • Fire Alarm CCTV security system
  • Drivers - light and heavy
  • Safety Supervisor
  • Excavator Technician
  • Infrastructure Designer
  • Mason
  • Electrician (Building Maintenance)

Trade Category

  • Electrical Wiring Installation (EWI)
  • Steel Reinforcement (SR)
  • Plumbing Pipe Fitting (PPF)
  • Tiling (TL)
  • Plastering (PL)
  • Timber Form Work (TF)
  • Suspended Ceiling Installation (AC)
  • Timer Door (TD)
  • Structural Steel Fitting (SSF)
  • Pipe Fitting (PF)
  • Thermal Insulation (Pipe Work) (TI)
  • Aluminium Form Work (AF)
  • Precast Kerb & Drain Laying (PKD)
  • Water Proofing (WP)

List of Trade planned for Approval

  • Welding (WD)
  • Joinery (JN)
  • Glazing (GL)
  • Tiling (TL)
  • Fire Sprinkler Installation (FS)
  • Interior Drywall Installation (IDW)
  • Hydraulic Excavator Operation
  • Precast Concrete Component Installation (PCE)
  • Ducting Installation for Air-Con & Ventilation (DAV)
  • Suspended Ceiling Installation (Fibrous Plaster) (FPC)

Our Traning Facilities

Our modern training facility in Hyderabad , India is spread over a spacious terrain and features a sophisticated workshop fully equipped with a raft of machine and facilities to provide training in diverse trades including Electrical Wiring Installation, Steel Reinforcement , Plumbing Pipe Fitting, Tiling, Plastering , Timber Form Work, Suspended Ceiling Installation, Timer Door, Structural Steel Fitting, Pipe Fitting, Thermal Insulation (Pipe Work), and Aluminium Form Work. With growing patronage for our high quality manpower services, we are gradually expanding our facility with plans to include more trades such as Precast Kerb & Drain Laying, Welding, Ducting Installation for Air-con & Ventilation, Joinery, Interior Drywall Installation, Fire Sprinkler Installation, Precast Concrete Component Installation, Glazing , Suspended Ceiling Installation and Hydraulic Excavator Operation in the near future. These new trade categories have been planned for approval. The sprawling facility at Hyderabad includes a full-fledged administrative office, training workshop and hostel with standby power, internet connection and other modern facilities to ensure uninterrupted training and facilitation of services.

Our Instructors And Trainers

We have equipped ourselves with highly experienced and dedicated trainers to help us achieve our goals of training and providing competent, Industry-ready technicians for the quality-conscious construction industry in Singapore and other overseas destinations. All members of our training team have been cherry-picked to meet our own quality standard which thrive on professionalism, excellence and hard work. All out trainers are experts in their respective fields with indepth knowledge of the trade, which in turn ensures that the technician we provide are of equal competence. Our instructors and trainers are assisted by a class-leading infrastructure platform feature advanced and comprehensive training facilities required to ensure the best training and desired results.

Our trainers place equal importance on skills and values, ensuring that all career aspirants are trained on not just the technical functions of the trade but also on the social, and psychological skills critical to adapting to a foreign environment apart from appreciating the value systems characteristic of a new country.

Our immensely talented, live-wire trainers are motivated and inspired to deliver the best. They have played a defining role in ensuring our success as a quality provider of manpower. Ever since inception, our trainer has enabled the careers of scores of aspiring technicians and seekers from India, in the process, enabling a continuous stream of manpower for diverse industries seeking well-trained technicians. We strive to enable the best in skilled, semi skilled and unskilled manpower depending on the requirements of project heads.


Electrical wiring in general refers to insulated conductors used to carry electricity, and associated devices. Materials for wiring interior electrical systems in building vary depending on: power demand, type of occupancy and size of the building and local regulations and environment in which the wiring must operate. The amount of current a cable or wire can safety carry depends on the installation conditions.

Rebar is a common steel bar or mesh of steel wires commonly used as a tension device reinforced concrete and reinforced masonry structures to strengthen and hold the concrete in compression. The surface of the rebar may be patterned to form a better bond with the concrete. It is also known as reinforcing steel and reinforcement steel.

Plumbing is the system of pipes, drains fittings, valves, valve assemblies, and device installed in a building for the distribution of water for drinking, heating and washing, and the removal of waterborne wastes. And the skilled trade of working with pipes, tubling and plumbing fixtures in such system.

Tiling may refer to : The physical act of laying and size varies according to the user’s choice at the site of application.

The plasterer usually shows up after the hangers have finished building all the internal walls, by attaching blue board over the frames of the house with screws. The plasterer is usually a subcontractor working in crews that average about three veterans and one laborer. The job of the laborer is to set up ahead of and clean up behind the plasterers, so they can concentrate on spreading the “mud” on the walls.

Traditional timber framing is the method of creating structures using heavy squared-off and carefully fitted and joined timbers with joints secured by large wooden pags (Large versions of the mortise and tenon joints in furniture it is a temporary structure that retails wet concrete and allows it to set to a desired form.

The suspended ceiling is developed to conceal the underside of the floor above and to offer acoustic balance and control in a room.

A door is an opening or closing structure used to block off an entrance, typically consisting of an interior side that faces the inside of a space and an exterior side that faces the outside of that space .

Structural steel is steel construction material, a profile, formed with a specific shape or cross section and certain standard s of chemical composition and mechanical properties. Structural steel shape , size composition, strength, storage, etc., is regulated in most industrialized countries.

It is installation of tubing system that conveys liquid/gas and solid materials

Thermal insulation is the reduction of heat transfer (the transfer of thermal energy between objects in thermal contact or in range of radioactive influence. Thermal insulation can be achieved with specially engineered methods or processes ,as well as with suitable object shapes and materials

Formwork Is The Term Given To Either Temporary Or Permanent Molds Into Which Concrete Or Similar Materials Are Poured .In The Context Of Concrete Construction, the Formwork Supports The Shuttering Moulds. Depending on the application, various types can be utilized.

Water proofing is a treatment on the surface of a substrate to prevent water seepage through the substrate.

The primary purpose of a drainage system is to allow smooth flow of water to prevent any water stagnation on surface of the roads and pavements.

HR Services

On the other hand our team of experts Comprises senior experienced professional is having multi-disciplinary exposure. We have reputed clientele of leading industries, corporate sector and other Business houses in domestic market.

We intend to elicit your cooperation to represent us as Business Partner in your area on terms and conditions to be mutually agreed. This will be mutually advantageous. We do hope to hear a positive response from you soon enabling us to build a good working relationship. The relevant information about the organization is being sent herewith and we will be glad to answer additional queries

Our Salient Features

We have been providing our recruiting service to a large spectrum of reputed Companies by ensuring competent and reliable personnel to suits job requirements.

Certain features that give us a cutting edge over our competitors are:

  • Committed to provide manpower in stipulated time frame. Proactive & ethical approach to identify and understand client's requirements.
  • Transparency in operations and code of conduct.
  • Extensive Reach :
  • Our in-exhaustive database of suitable candidates forms the basis of our efficient headhunting & candidate search.

  • Professional Excellence :
  • Our team of qualified, experienced & friendly industry experts with senior consultant from diverse fields invests their rich industry experience & knowledge to beget best suited candidate for our clients.

  • Loyalty to Clients :
  • We believe in long term relationships and have been serving our clients sincerely since years

Our approach and understanding about your requirement

We aim at providing prompt, consistent and quality services to our clients and strive to support our services with the highest level of professionalism and efficiency.

Our philosophy is “To carry out every professional assignment effectively and efficiently, while upholding the virtues of uprightness and integrity, without compromising on the creativity and quality of work, so as to provide utmost satisfaction to our clients”.

We offer the best services

As a leading recruitment consultancy in Hyderabad, we provide recruitment services ranging from sourcing to selection and training of the personnel. Though flagged off with a few regional clients, ASV RESOURCES PVT LTD today assists a large number of high profile MNCs in IT and Non IT industry with placement services for both contract and permanent positions, thus establishing itself as a complete recruitment Company in a very short period.

  • Executive Search
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Facility Management Consulting
  • HR Consulting and Outsourcing

Industry Focus

  • BPO / ITES
  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing & Production
  • Infrastructure & Construction
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Retail & Consumer Services
  • Hospitality
  • Sales & Marketing Services

National Clients

  • Aravind Textile Limited, Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Industry: Textile and Garments . Our Contribution: Have supplied more than 175 Skilled & Technical candidates

  • Laksmi Mechile Works Ltd, Coimbatore, TN
  • Industry: Manufacturing. Our Contribution: Have supplied more than 60 technical (ITI and Diploma) candidates

  • Shakti Hormann Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad, TS
  • Industry: Manufacturing. Our Contribution: Have supplied more than 75 technical (ITI and Diploma) candidates

  • Rane Die casting India Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad, TS
  • Industry: Manufacturing. Our Contribution: Have supplied more than 35 (ITI and Diploma) technical candidates for specific categories as per company requirements

  • EQIC Dies and Modules India Ltd, Hyderabad, TS
  • Industry: Manufacturing. Our Contribution: Have supplied more than 50 technical (ITI and Diploma) candidates for specific categories as per company requirements

  • Ajanta Footwear ltd, Kolkata, WB
  • Industry: Rubber. Our Contribution: Have supplied more than 200 unskilled and 35 technical (ITI and Diploma) candidates for specific categories as per company requirements

  • L&T Infrastructure ltd, Kolkata, WB
  • Industry: Infrastructure and Construction. Our Contribution: Have supplied more than 130 skilled labour(Mason, Shuttering Carpenter, Bar binder, helper) and technical (ITI, Diploma and B-Tech) specific category as per company’s requirement.

  • Sujal Infra Projects Pvt Ltd, Jamnagar, Gujrat.
  • Industry: Infrastructure and Construction. Our Contribution: Have supplied more than 70 skilled labour(Mason, Shuttering Carpenter, Bar binder, helper) and technical (ITI and Diploma) specific category as per company’s requirement.

  • Voltech Engineers Pvt Ltd, Chennai, TN
  • Industry: Engineering and Power. Our Contribution: Have supplied more than 50 experienced engineers as per specific company’s requirement.

  • Reliance Power Limited, Jamnagar, Gujarat
  • Industry: Engineering and Power. Our Contribution: Have supplied more than 30 experienced engineers as per specific company’s requirement.

  • Kothari Hospital, Kolkata, WB
  • Industry: Hospitality. Our Contribution: Have supplied more than 40 experienced GNM Nurse.

It is mandatory that we are in the compliance with all the statutory documents abided by the law.

  • ISO Certification – ISO 2001 – 9008
  • Incorporation Certificate
  • Memorandum Of Association
  • Article of Association
  • PAN Registration
  • TAN Number
  • Service Tax Registration
  • Provident Fund registration
  • ESIC Registration
  • Labour License and Shop and Establishment


According to statutory requirements and government regulations, the following documents are to be sent to us by 'the Employer' in order for us to successfully carry out the recruitment drive:

1. Power of attorney from the 'Employer' in the name of “New Sun International”, Chennai that is, authorizing us to advertise recruits and deploy the required personnel on their behalf.

2. Demand Letter for the number of personnel required, salary, perks, duration of contract, etc.

3. A "Sample" Contract Agreement between employer and employee (who is to be recruited by New Sun International).


  • Sourcing, Short listing and Selection of candidates based on client requirement
  • Sending short listed resumes to client for final approval
  • Arranging for client interviews (wherever required)
  • Arranging for Training and Trade Testing for candidates (wherever applicable).
  • Once the final selection of candidates is completed by the client, we undertake all responsibilities for the successful deployment of candidates, right from making arrangements for medicals, immigration clearance, visa stamping and airline reservations.
  • Pre-Flight Orientation briefing
  • At New Sun International, at the time of selection as well as before the departure of the candidate, we take special care in explaining the details of the nature of the particular candidate's job and responsibility. These details include the salary, benefits, working hours, working conditions, and the overall work environment. We also explain to each and every worker the laws prevailing in the particular country the worker is being deployed to, and also how to maintain a cordial work environment at all times, explaining to them how that in turn would benefit them as well as the company in the long run.
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