"ASV Resource Pvt Ltd” is a premier, dynamic, vibrant professional training centre actively associating itself in the industrial and trade development of the world.

ASV is fully design internationally and nationally accredited Training Centre specializing in various clients focused training and associated services like man power facility to diversified countries like Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia etc. We are committed to delivering quality and world class service to our clients.

We also offer various training across a wide range of specialties to serve the national companies through providing a unique training and man power facility twain as contract and permanent employee in various industries. The Company have desire to promote greater understanding and enhance future career development.



Finding the right fit for various job aspirants is not an easy affair. Our pool of experienced & acclaimed professionals' uses their extensive database to make inroads in various companies for the aspirants. With our prompt services, we assure individuals of achieving their dream jobs within the stipulated time frame.

Who we are


We have our own technical trade training institute with a working area of 28000 sq.ft situated in Chennai, Tamilnadu State, India - to supply bulk quantity of skilled workers to Construction industries / Marine industries with valid certificates.Our training centre is located at Kelma Nagar, Thandalam Village, Kovur, Chennai- 600122.



We have equipped ourselves with highly experienced and dedicated trainers to help us achieve our goals of training and providing competent, Industry-ready technicians for the quality-conscious construction industry in Singapore and other overseas destinations.

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