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We ASV SKILLED TRAINING & TESTING CENTRE, are a renowned foreign employment recruitment service agency from Chennai, Tamilnadu, India - is one of the leading and well established and government recognized organization issued by Ministry of Overseas India Affairs, Govt. of India.

Our institute has originally formed in 2007 as a proprietary concern called, the same has been later converted into a private limited company in view of the expanding operations. In Singapore it is illegal to engage in recruitment business without a valid license. Employers are also required to go through a licensed employment agency for their manpower requirements. We are licensed to do placement of not only professionals like engineers and technicians under Employment Pass ans S Pass but also workers on work permit. Supply of workers under Work Permit is allowed only when th employment agency licensee passes certain examinations conducted by the Ministry Of Manpower. We can cater to a variety of Industries including Construction, Marine, Manufacturing and Service.

Our highly motivated professionals with organized administrative set-up have successfully provided promising career opportunities to innumerable job seekers from India. We have a proven track record in the overseas for more than 15 years. We have a large database of highly experienced and hardworking professionals in the skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled category.

We are licensed to do placement of not only professionals like engineers and technicians under Employment Pass and S Pass but also workers on work permit.

RA Information

  • 1. Name of the Recruiting Agent : ASV Manpower Consultancy Pvt.Ltd
  • 2. Name of the RC Holder : S.Avien Anbu
  • 3. RC Number : B-0737 / CHEN / COM / 1000 + / 5 / 9146 / 2015
  • 4. RA ID : RA9146
  • 5. Name of the Director’s : S.Alexandar & A.Vinnarasi
  • 6. RC Validity Status : Issued on 12.02.2016 Valid till : 24.01.2021
  • 7. RA Address : No -4/70, Keelma Nagar, Koovur, Chennai – 600122
  • 8. Contact : 9965886404
  • 9.Email Id : info@asvcentre.com

Mode of Payment of Service Charges

  • 1. Cheque (Post Dated Cheques not accepted )
  • 2. Net Banking /NEFT/RTGS
  • 3. Deposit in bank Account
  • 4. We do not accept cash Transactions

Service Charge Information

  • 1. Recruitment for ECR Countries – Fee/Charge – INR 30000 Max
  • 2. Recruitment for ENCR Countries – Fee/Charge – INR 30000 Max
  • 3. Recruitment for Unskilled Worker – Fee/Charge – INR 30000 Max
  • 4. Recruitment for skilled Worker – Fee/Charge – INR 30000 Max
  • 5. Recruitment for Highly Skilled Professional – Fee/Charge – INR 30000 Max
  • 6. Recruitment for Nurse – Fee/Charge – INR 30000 Max

Contact Details of RA Grievance Redressal

  • 1. Name of the contact Person : S.Alexandar
  • 2. Email id : info@asvcentre.com
  • 3. Mobile : 9965886404

Industrial Skilled Training

We have our own technical trade training institute with a working area of 28000 sq.ft situated in Chennai, Tamilnadu State, India - to supply bulk quantity of skilled workers to Construction industries / Marine industries with valid certificates.Our training centre is located at Kelma Nagar, Thandalam Village, Kovur, Chennai- 600122.


To be acknowledged globally as a highly dependable and values = driven player in the technical training and skills development area through sustained efforts in updating our knowledge,enhancing our training skills, improving our training infrastucture and striving incessantly for innovation.


We Provide time-effective and cost-effective project management and construction services to our customer at the highest quality.


ASV Manpower Consultancy Pvt.Ltd

No.4/70, Keelma Nagar,
Thandalam Village,
Kovur, Chennai- 600122.
(St.Joseph College Back Side)

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