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Industries world wide, particularly in urban areas are witnessting phenomenal growth driven by vibrant economies. This is creating unprecedented demand for industrial , commercial and residential infrastructure. However, the availability of trained technicians with sufficient skills and industry experience is becoming a critical issue for process. The challenge is to acquire competent manpower well-trained in diverse skills to design and execute construction projects that meet global quality standards and local Government norms. At ASV –QXY Skills Testing Centre India Pvt.Ltd., our endeavour is to ably meet the talent needs of diverse industries by training and providing competent manpower through our focused skills development centre. We are continuously expending infrastructure and team strength to meet the talents needs of the construction industry in Singapore and other Countries as well.

As an experienced training centre player with indepth industry knowledge and an unwavering commitment to our mission of enabling overseas construction projects by training and providing qualified technicians, ASV -QXY has been positively influencing growth of the construction industry in fast-growing economies like Singapore. Having established a strong reputation as a dedicated trainer and supplier of qualified technicians, especially for the construction industry ,we are constantly working towards enhancing our training standards and preserving the trust invested in us by leading overseas companies. We at ASV – QXY are passionate about redefining the eco-system by playing a critical role in ensuring a perennial availability of qualified ,well-trained and quality –focused talent. Our mission is to transform raw talent into competent tradesman worthy of being employed by the industry and passionate enough to learn, grow and build thriving careers.

The Construction industry is witnessing a heightened demand for project enablers: competent teams of engineers and technicians who can see a project through form start to finish. At ASV –QXY Skills Testing Centre India Pvt.Ltd., we have recognized this need and have promptly aligned our mission with the goals of the industry. By employing professional trainers, deploying class-leading infrastructure and continuously striving for benchmark training standards, our centre has emerged as a dependable provider of professional manpower for the overseas construction industry. Over time, we aspire to be recognized as a passionate and quality-driven enterprise devoted to helping the construction industry grow by leaps and bounds. At ASV-QXY Skills Testing Centre India Pvt.Ltd., We are here for the long-term and our aim is to establish a strong pipeline of talent that will ensure an eternal flow of competent manpower for the discerning overseas industry stalwarts.


  • This company was officially incorporated with an Incorporation Certificate on 07/09/2012
  • “ No Objection Certificate “ (NOC) was issued by the State Government of Andra Pradesh , India dated 09/01/2013
  • Pollution Certificate was issued on 28/02/2013
  • Legal Service Tax was issued on 13/06/2013
  • Breakthrough Management Quality Registrar (BMQR) issued an ISO 9001:2008 to our OTC with a Certificate No. ABO915131433/2 on 10/08/2013


To be acknowledged globally as a highly dependable and values - driven player in the technical training and skills development area through sustained efforts in updating our knowledge,enhancing our training skills, improving our training infrastucture and striving incessantly for innovation.


To Strive for achieving and retaining leadership position in the technical training and skills development arena through our unwavering focus on pursuing and improving benchmark quality, introducing and expanding training programs and by continuosly fortifying the bridge between talent and talent seekers.


An envisaged interest by Indian government by virtue of our good track record the state government joined hands with us in the skills development training program as a “Skills Training Provider” for aspirants seeking jobs overseas growing their future.

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